Founders of Picky Eaters: Katrin, Tabea and Eva.

Welcome to our community of picky eaters!

Whether we consider ourselves to be vegetarians, gluten-intolerant, sugar-free or plant-based eaters, whether we do it for our health, for the animals or for the environment – we all have one thing in common: We eat very consciously.

In today’s world, being a picky eater becomes more and more popular, and therefore it gets easier and easier! There are tons of beautiful cafés and restaurants opening up around the world, specialising in alternative, progressive ways of preparing food.

We, a team of passionate foodies, have made it our mission to show that being a picky eater can be easy, social and fun. Picky Eaters is our platform to share our favourite places with you. All these places are hand-picked by us and can be enjoyed even with non-picky family and friends.

If you’d like to join us in that mission and share your recommendations with the community, or even become a part of the Picky Team, feel free to drop us a message at hello@picky-eaters.de.