Berlin | Emma Pea

The RAW-Area in Berlin-Friedrichshain is best known as a party and club place. But at RAW, you can also find workrooms for artists, an open-air cinema, a skate hall, and (of course) a vegan restaurant. Emma Pea is named after the elephant Emma Peanut who lived in exactly the same building just 50 years ago….

Cape Town | El Burro

Two weeks in Cape Town, two weeks of delicious food. My absolute favorite: El Burro in Greenpoint. Actually, we went to this Mexican restaurant for a second time, even though they say that you shouldn’t go to a restaurant twice, cause there are just so many good spots to eat out in Cape Town. Our…

London | Mildreds

London has a huge plant-based food scene and we were very happy to enjoy a weekend full of delicious vegan food. Our favorite? Mildreds, the vegetarian restaurant in Kings Cross. For me, there is nothing better in the morning than a big tasty brunch. So we decided to check out the famous Mildreds restaurant before…

Berlin | AtayaCaffe

Vegan meets African meets Italian – Atayacaffe is a place to relax, get together and eat really good food.

Berlin | Zeus Pizzeria

Zeus Pizzeria is very small restaurant located near Boxhagener Platz in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The inside looks like a typical Italian pizza place with red and white chequered tablecloths and a big stone oven. 

Berlin | Lück’s

You’ll get lucky at Lück’s, I promise! In January 2017, the brothers David and Christian opened this fabulous vegan restaurant in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The menu promises a lot: You can choose from a small balanced menu, for example Tempeh-Burger, homemade gnocchi or a creamy mushroom dish. That does not sound special enough? The chef is very…

Berlin | Cat Tuong

Sundays are my favorite days. Sure, it’s the weekend and like most people I don’t have to work. But Sundays are more than just a free days. For me and mostly my boyfriend Frank, Sundays mean eating new stuff. We try to discover Berlin and all of its variety of food. So, let’s get to…