Eclectic Asian Infused (Chocolate) Burgers in Mitte

Ryong in Mitte brings together a colorful blend of tastes that you wouldn’t think of and offers guests a whole menu of delicious vegetarian options that can be made vegan on request! They put a great spin on Vietnamese/Japanese food and provide you with a fun dining experience.Asian Fusion in Berlin

Gorgeous interior setting the scene for a cool meal

The restaurant is really beautifully decorated, with high ceilings and very interesting decor and plants to accompany the dining experience. When we ordered our drinks to start, we weren’t surprised at their cool appearance. Tabea and I both ordered the pandan, ginger, chia juice and it was amazing! By the way, so cool they had pandan leaves- I once had a pandan cake and have been obsessed with pandan ever since. So I was more than excited when I saw this flavour on the menu! Katrin ordered a parsley, elderflower, apple and cucumber drink which turned out to be a delicious vibrant green elixir; And Eva ordered a tea, but was a bit disappointed about it not coming with a little pot of hot water because it was quite a small cup for the price of the tea.

A menu for all

It’s really cool that they have a full vegetarian menu that can be made vegan. Ryong is a restaurant for anyone and everyone and we were so ready to start ordering and sharing dishes between us!

For starters, we ordered the Silky Kimono (pieces of tofu with pesto), the Dragon Egg (crispy tempura avocado with lemongrass and mayonnaise), two Sweet Babes (sweet potato in tumeric tempura crust with garlic mayo and dill mushroom sauce) and of course, some Edamame. I absolutely loved the crispy avocado and the tempura sweet potatoes were a favourite amongst the group as well. The Silky Kimono tofu however, wasn’t really anything special and it could have come with some more toppings.

They have a chocolate burger and make their own noodles!

One thing is for sure, Ryong is not afraid to take risks and we definitely appreciate them for it! I ordered the Rich Christmas burger which entails a steamed bao bun in a crispy chocolate (!!!) tempura crust with tons of veggies and your choice of either peanut or soy sauce. It was so delicious! The burger wasn’t so peanut-y as I had hoped for and tasted more like soy, but I wasn’t too disappointed since the soy and the chocolate flavours mixed really well together. Only slight downside was I found the burger a bit too oily but otherwise it was very good!

Eva got the Hulk burger which sported a super green tempura crust on her steamed bao bun. She enjoyed it but wished there was more peanut sauce and also didn’t like the oilyness of the burger.

Franki got the bento box and though he really enjoyed it, he believed the meal to be for more experienced chopstick eaters. So practice your chopstick skills guys before ordering the bento box!

Being at a restaurant that makes their own noodles, someone in the group had to try them and luckily Katrin and Tabea both did! Katrin ordered the Hot Rong Soba and loved the brew but wished for more veggies. Tabea ordered the Dragon Nest and though she had tons of fun eating the crispy noodles, she was too hungry to have the patience for it, and also wished there were more veggies! But, look how beautiful it looked when it arrived:

All in all, great vibes, fun experience, and interesting foods to be found at Ryong.

ON THE MENU: All sorts of fun Japo-Vietnamese appetizers, noodle bowls, bento boxes, burgers, deserts, and juices.

PRICES: Very reasonable! Appetizers around 4€ and mains around 7-9€

VIBES: Great vibes, cool decor, good service.

DOWNER: Plastic straws, too much oil in burgers, not enough veggies in soup, and bento box is for way too advanced chopstick users 😀

PICKY NOTES: Everything is vegetarian and the whole menu can be made vegan!


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