Finally! Vegan Sushi at Secret Garden

Friedrichshain now has a vegan sushi place… finally! As a vegan, I was always very disappointed at the few vegetarian rolls offered in normal sushi restaurants. But that’s now in the past ever since Secret Garden, a vegan sushi restaurant, opened up last year in December. The plant-based cuisine is focussing on vegan sushi and also on fusion food inspired by Japanese cuisine. Nomnom!

Vegan sushi in Berlin

Vegan Paradise – You can eat everything on the menu!

I really love plant-based restaurants and always want to try as much as I can from the menu. So as a starter, we ordered summer rolls made with noodles and tofu. The rolls tasted very fresh with a lemon flavor, only the peanut sauce was missing, but you get a delicious white creme sauce with it. The sauce tasted a little bit like a light vegan mayonnaise.

Vegan sushi in Berlin

Vegan sushi in Berlin

For the main dish, I went with two different sushi rolls: a pumpkin creation with black rice, cucumber, and a carrot-ginger sauce. The second tiger sushi was made of black rice, grilled courgette, and mushrooms with garlic.
Wasabi and ginger weren’t missing, of course. Both sushi rolls tasted insanely good. It’s really nice that you can taste new flavors alongside the traditional flavors of ginger, wasabi, and seaweed. This shows even more that vegan creations have nothing to do with limiting yourself but exploring new tastes. And as added bonus, it really looked very pretty!

Secret Garden - Vegan sushi in Berlin

My boyfriend Frank tried a main dish called Sinneswandel. It’s a typical bowl made of spinach, shiitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, teriyaki soy cubes, fresh salad, and some really delicious black rice. There was a Matcha-Lime-Vinaigrette, but for our tastes the dish could have had a little bit more of it. In this case, the rice was a little bit dry at the end.

Secret Garden - Vegan sushi in Berlin

To sum it up, the sushi rolls were very tasty and the bowl was also very nice. I’m definitely looking forward to our next dinner at Secret Garden.

Secret Garden - Vegan sushi in Berlin

ON THE MENU: Sushi, summer rolls, dumplings, fusion bowls, soups, and desserts.

PRICES: Sushi around 4 €, main dishes about 9€ and homemade lemonade for 4 €.

VIBES: Very sun lighted restaurant that looks a little bit like a peaceful Japanese garden.

DOWNER: The bowl was a little bit dry. I would recommend trying one of the sushi creations.

PICKY NOTES: All meals are plant-based. Vegan FTW!

Warschauer Straße 33, 10243 Berlin, Facebook.

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Evie worked in the hotel business for a few years before moving to Berlin. She studies Digital Media Culture at the Filmuniversity in Babelsberg and is interested in film, fashion, and food. Three years ago, she decided to swap Schnitzel for tofu – and is still more than happy with it! You can follow her on Instagram @evie.efeu.