German home cooking goes vegan at Blume Wollbach

I consider myself very lucky to have awesome parents who are open and understanding about me being vegan. It took some time, but now they really take interest and are always up to try things out — so much that my mom, for her own birthday (!), wanted to go to a vegan restaurant!

Blume Wollbach, also called Vegan zur Blume, is located close to the beautiful town of Kandern, where famous painter August Macke spent a lot of time in. We did a small walking tour following the places he lived and worked at, then went to wind down at the restaurant nearby in Wollbach.

Traditional charm with a modern (vegan) twist

Susanne and Reimund Vogt took this beautiful traditional inn and rebuilt it in two years. They left its original charm, but have put a modern twist on it: everything they serve is vegan. German home cooking is not exactly vegan heaven, but at Blume Wollbach you can have that roast and gravy you’ve been craving with a clear conscience. The motto here is: “einfach guetes Esse” which means “simply good food”. They also offer a variety of Mediterranean-inspired dishes like pasta and bruschetta (this area is sometimes nicknamed the German Toscana after all). I was very happy to see all of the tables fill up after a while. People here seem to love the restaurant, even though there is not a single meaty dish on the menu!

Vegan food made well, simple and approachable

We gave a cheer to my mom with refreshing aperitifs, then proceeded to order some starters: garlic and tomato bruschetta, zucchini and lentil cream soup, as well as some good old hummus. Everything was fresh and delicious, a good start to the heartier mains.

My dad chose a bean burger with eggplant, mayonnaise, homemade chili-ketchup and cole slaw. My mom went for a vegetable and seitan roast in burgundy sauce with mashed potatoes and vegetables. I had bean patties with roasted potatoes, carrots and peas.

There is absolutely nothing to complain about, it was exactly what we were looking for: A German Gasthaus experience in beautiful surroundings, with friendly service, delicious hearty food and suitable for the picky eater of the family (me)! We will definitely come back to this place and I wish them all the best. Maybe some more inns in the area will even follow their example? A girl can dream

ON THE MENU: Simple German and Mediterranean cuisine made vegan.

PRICES: Starters around 6-8 €. Mains around 12 €.

VIBES:  Traditional German inn. Comfortable, rustic, with a modern twist.


PICKY NOTES: Everything is vegan and most of it organic.

Vegan zur Blume/Blume Wollbach, Basler Straße 8, 12345 Kandern-Wollbach. Website.

Tabea has been a picky eater since she was 4 years old, when she decided she didn’t like meat (except her grandma’s meatballs). The following years she continued to challenge her family and friends with many other weird food preferences. Founding Picky Eaters is her answer to the question: “What do you even eat?!” @tabeaim