Eat the perfect vegan burger at Emma Pea

The RAW-Area in Berlin-Friedrichshain is best known as a party and club place. But at RAW, you can also find workrooms for artists, an open-air cinema, a skate hall, and (of course) a vegan restaurant. Emma Pea is named after the elephant Emma Peanut who lived in exactly the same building just 50 years ago. I am serious! Back in the days, the restaurant was a shelter for elephants of the circus Brimborium.

Emma Pea

Emma Pea – a cozy place for cold winter days

Today, Emma Pea is a small restaurant that looks like a typical east Berlin place – cozy, motley and inviting. The menu has only four to five main dishes. For me, that’s just perfect, because I like small menus more than big ones. Just a few dishes, but of course these dishes have to be perfectly balanced. Frank and I ordered a quiche with fresh spinach, champignons, and potatoes as a starter. It had a raspberry dressing and you could taste a lot of onions. It was very delicious and a nice appetizer. Tip: The quiche is a perfect snack for cold winter days, better than chocolate cake!

Emma Pea
I know, it doesn’t look so good, but it tastes delicious. I promise!

As main dishes, we choose the Berlin beast burger and pulled pork tacos. Burgers are very easy dishes, but still, you can do good and bad burgers. This one was definitely a good one with lots of vegan cheese, a nice patty made of lentils and red beans, and with a side of crispy potatoes wedges. My highlight was the homemade garlic dip. Very tasty, but if you visit the restaurant with a friend or partner, you should eat it both, otherwise your partner won’t be happy 😉

Emma Pea

The tacos tasted a lot like real pulled pork. For everyone who misses the taste of meat, this one is your dish. It also had a pleasant flavor of lime. All in all, it was very delicious, but if you only order the tacos, take a side like wedges to your meal. Otherwise, it might not be enough.

Emma Pea

ON THE MENU: Burger, tacos, soups, quiche and a pumpkin risotto.

PRICES: Burger with potatoes wedges 11.30€. Tacos 8.80€. Quiche 4.50€.

VIBES:  Looks like your grandparents’ living room. Very small and cozy.

DOWNER: The place is very small and it has an open kitchen, so there was some smoke from the kitchen in the restaurant.

PICKY NOTES: All dishes are vegan.

Revaler Straße 99, RAW-Gelände, 10245 Berlin, Website

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Evie worked in the hotel business for a few years before moving to Berlin. She studies Digital Media Culture at the Filmuniversity in Babelsberg and is interested in film, fashion, and food. Two years ago, she decided to swap Schnitzel for tofu – and is still more than happy with it! You can follow her on Instagram @evie.efeu.

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