Berlin | Picoteo

One thing that just screams summer holidays for me, is tapas. Sharing delicious food with friends, drinking red wine, talking and laughing for hours  – that’s living the good life. At Picoteo in Berlin-Kreuzberg, picky and non-picky eaters can enjoy all that together!

Berlin | Beets & Roots

It’s one of these hot Berlin summer days and you are looking for a fresh and light meal? I would recommend visiting Beets & Roots! Having two subsidiaries in Berlin Mitte, you can reach the restaurants easily coming from every part of the city. This day, we chose the one at Große Hamburger Straße. It…

Berlin | NETA

Burritos, you guys! What’s better than indulging in a big roll of fresh, warm, spicy food, getting the sauce all over your fingers and your clothes? Right now, I can’t think of anything. If you’re the same way, head over to NETA and get your fix of Mexican street food!

Berlin | AtayaCaffe

Vegan meets African meets Italian – Atayacaffe is a place to relax, get together and eat really good food.

Berlin | 1990 Vegan Living

In the heart of  Berlin-Friedrichshain, you can find an extraordinary place for picky eaters: a vegan Vietnamese restaurant called 1990 Vegan Living that offers Asian tapas. I spotted the 1990 Vegan Living close to my work and then, finally, on one of these Berlin rainy days, I visited it – and it totally made my…

Berlin | Der Vegetarische Metzger

“Der Vegetarische Metzger” literally means “the vegetarian butcher” – and that’s what it is. Founder Jaap Korteweg grew up on a farm, but when it came to become a butcher himself, he rather became a vegetarian. Soon missing the taste of meat badly, he figured out a clever way to imitate it perfectly with the…

Berlin | Zeus Pizzeria

Zeus Pizzeria is very small restaurant located near Boxhagener Platz in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The inside looks like a typical Italian pizza place with red and white chequered tablecloths and a big stone oven. 

Berlin | Café Vux

Our last Picky Eaters Meeting was taking us to an oasis in Neukölln’s rush – Café Vux. Coming from the train station and the busy main street, you enter an  adorable little street where the plant-based café is located. It was welcoming us with its large windows and invited us to stay much longer than…

Frankfurt (Main) | VEVAY

When I arrived in Frankfurt to visit my best childhood friend Toni, one of the first things she asked me was: „How strict of a vegan are you…?“ She told me that the quite conservative Frankfurt didn’t have a lot to offer when it came to restaurants for picky eaters, especially vegans. Many places that…

Berlin | Brammibal’s Donuts

Brammibal’s Donuts in Berlin Neukölln is specialized on one specific treat – as you might guess: donuts. But it gets even better – they are fully vegan, and so is the whole offer at the café. And I can tell you:  These guys know their job well! Two years ago a friend of mine told me…